Cross River Rail excursion


A group of Indooroopilly SHS Year 9 Mathematics and Engineering Acceleration students explored Brisbane's Cross River Rail future in virtual reality recently.

The Indro contingent was one of the first groups of high school students to visit the Cross River Rail Experience Centre, an interactive collaboration with Queensland Museum.

Cross River Rail, state's largest infrastructure project, will connect Dutton Park to Bowen Hills via two tunnels under the Brisbane River and the CBD. The project, due for completion in 2024, includes the construction of four underground stations. 

Students were able to look down at construction on the Albert St Station.

Some of our students' reflections on the Cross River Rail Experience:

A group of classmates and I were given the opportunity to visit Cross River Rail and see their exciting plans for the future of Brisbane's transport. A lovely team of people gave us a tour of their work space and allowed us to use their virtual reality technology to experience their designs first hand. In their theatre room, virtual surroundings were projected on every wall. We viewed their 3D models of the city and watched numerous videos explaining their designs and the maths behind it. Following this, we observed a construction site from bird's eye view inside a building. It was the best experience and we learnt so much.

The trip was filled with interesting information about how our community will be developing very soon. With wonderful interactive technology such as a digitally formed imitation of South East Queensland, current and in the future, and a 270-degree theatre, we were able to go deeper into engineering. A short walk from the main building we were also able to access a bird's eye view of the main construction site, see live footage of what was happening below ground and learn about the machinery and process used to achieve this mission. The day was definitely enjoyed by all of us and I cannot wait to see the digital plans all come to life.

During our excursion to the Cross River Rail Experience Centre, we were able to learn in depth about the Cross River Rail project that is currently under construction. We were warmly welcomed to the experience centre and had a great time learning about the process of creating the underground railway by talking with some of the engineers behind the project, interacting with VR as well as a variety of different technologies. We were also able to see a glimpse of construction of the station. Not only was it entertaining, but it was also educational. 

If students are interested in visiting the Cross River Rail Experience Centre, it's open to the public Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00am–4.00pm. Saturday and Sunday opening times are 10.00am–2.00pm. The centre is on Level 1 at 151A Elizabeth St. Entry is free.  

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Last reviewed 08 September 2020
Last updated 08 September 2020