Senior Pathways and Opportunities


Indooroopilly SHS can provide students with opportunities to explore a variety of different career pathways, including Vocational Education and Training (VET) and other post-school preparatory programs.

As your students enter a senior stage of their school life, they are encouraged to explore learning and career opportunities outside of the school in order to get ready for graduation and after. They can take a subject at TAFE or university, get a taste of their dream career with work experience, or begin their career with a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship. These can benefit your students with QCE points, contribution towards ATAR results, or monetary rewards, as well as a better outlook about the life after high school.

Indro's Senior Secondary Department issues two newsletters for senior students (Year 10 to 12) that are sent to all student email accounts. These newsletters will help the students and parents gain a wider perspective about the options available. 

School-Based Apprenitceships & Traineeships (SATs)

We support students who wish to engage in a school-based apprenticeships or traineeship (SATs). SATs are a great opportunity but they come with conditions. A school-based apprentice or trainee's school timetable must reflect a combination of work, training and school studies, meaning that the work and/or training must impact on the school timetable. Apprentices and trainees agree to complete a set amount of hours with their employer, and they must take one day away from school each week. This means a student's weekly schedule will include four days at school and one day working at their SAT. SATs require the completion of a certificate course. The certificate is completed through a combination of work with an employer and theory training and assessment with a registered training organisation (RTO).

Please subscribe to our weekly SATs Newsletter if you wish to receive updates on current local SATS vacacnies. Years 10 and 11 students will automatically receive this email each week.

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If students are seeking a SAT in an industry that is not advertised in the newsletter, we encourage students to take a proactive approach to finding employment. Students can utilise personal contacts such as family, family friends, and local businesses to engage in a SAT. 

For more information on SATS please visit the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training's Apprenticeships Info website.

TAFE at School and other external registered training organisations (RTO)

Students have the opportunity to engage in other external school-based certificate courses.

TAFE Queensland run a TAFE at School Program where high school students can complete a certificate qualification at a TAFE campus. Completing a certificate with TAFE will require one day of training a week and each course varies in duration. TAFE at School terms are the same as the state school terms, and TAFE classes do not run during the holidays.

TAFE at School offer trade-based and non trade-based qualifications, including courses in the Arts, Information Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Beauty, Healthcare and more. Many of these courses are eligible for VETiS funding, but some will require fee-for-service payments. Please read individual course profiles for information on fees.

Please follow the below link if you wish to view the 2021 TAFE at School course guide to see the certificate courses they have on offer to high school students.

TAFE at School Course Guide 2021

Many other RTOs offer school-based certificate programs. If TAFE at School does not offer any programs your student is interested in, or students are unable to enrol in a desired program, the Senior Secondary Department can investigate possible alternative pathways.

Work Experience

ISHS can facilitate work experience, but students are required to identify their own placement. Please contact the Senior Secondary Department if students have been able to confirm a work experience placement so that necessary paperwork can be completed. 

Last reviewed 01 September 2021
Last updated 01 September 2021