​​​​Welcome to Indooroopilly Homestay Program

Our International Student Program at Indooroopilly State High School was started in the late 1990s with only a small number of students, but over the years it has grown and expanded to over 200 students. Each year we welcome many overseas students from the Education Queensland International (EQI), International Student Program. We have students from many different countries including China, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Colombia,  Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  The study duration for these Students ranges from 1 to 5 years.  During this time students are required to live with either a Department of Home Affairs approved relative; or a nominated and school approved family member/friend; or an EQI approved Homestay family recruited through the school.

Our EQI Approved Homestay family network provides our students with a rich opportunity to improve their English proficiency as they study in our school and immerse themselves in Australian culture.

To Become a Homestay Provider 
To be selected as an Education Queensland International (EQI) approved Homestay provider, the following criteria must be met:

  • Agree to host no more than 2 International students at any one time, either from Indooroopilly State High School or any other provider.

  • All members of the Homestay family over 18 years of age must possess a current Blue Card.   Please contact Homestay Coordinator to assist you with the completion of this application.

  • The Homestay is a clean, tidy household that is relatively close to the school and located near to suitable public transport routes.

  • The Homestay provides a safe, secure, private bedroom with suitable storage space for clothes, personal effects and study materials.

  • Suitable facilities for study, including a desk, a chair, and adequate lighting.

  • Access to kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities.

  • Access to household items, such as towels, sheets, blankets and eating/cooking utensils.

  • Availability of a separate house key or alarm passwords.

  • Provide 3 healthy and sustaining meals a day plus snacks, 7 days a week.

  • Have and maintain home and contents insurance (for home owners) or contents insurance (for renters) including legal liability insurance of no less than $20 million.

Please look through the EQI Homestay Handbook. The Handbook gives an overview of the International student Program with helpful tips and advice. If you believe you and your family would be suited to the Homestay program please contact the Homestay coordinator by completing the form below.

Once a family has expressed interest in the Homestay program, they will need to complete an approval process. There are several forms to complete an documents to read:

  • Application Form,

  • Risk Management Strategy,

  • Terms and Conditions,

  • Blue Card Working with Children Check

  • Organise a Homestay visit to insure the home is suitable.

Once an approval has been granted and a student is placed within the homestay, the school manages all payment to the homestay family on behalf of the student.  For more information please visit the EQI website for details of the current fees for EQI homestay. This payment will cover the cost associated with providing the homestay accommodation and paid directly to Homestays via electronic transfer.

Indooroopilly SHS has the largest International Student Program in Queensland and we are always looking for new families to share in this wonderful and beneficial program. The Homestay program can have its fair share of trials and tribulations, but on the whole, it can be a very rewarding program. Indooroopilly SHS prides itself on the many successful Students finding their way to University Pathways.

For more information on becoming a homestay provider for Indooroopilly State High School please email

Last reviewed 24 July 2023
Last updated 24 July 2023