Mathematics and Engineering Acceleration


​​Indooroopilly State High School has always attracted high-achieving students in Mathematics.

Students entering our school at the Year 7 level have the opportunity to join our Maths and Engineering Acceleration program.

Why join this innovative and challenging program?

This program takes students through the Mathematics curriculum in a shorter time than the usual six years.

It incorporates broad-ranging enrichment activities and exposes students to pathways which are mathematically oriented.

The program, which includes University of Queensland-linked studies, is designed to foster and enable students with high mathematical ability to perform at their best.

The program covers the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) secondary Mathematics course as follows: Junior Mathematics completed by Year 9, Senior Maths Methods and Senior Specialist Maths completed in Years 10 and 1, and University Mathematics subjects commenced in Year 12.

Preparatory courses: We are proud to provide a unique Preparatory Program for each student successful in obtaining a place in each of our distinct Junior Secondary Programs of Excellence. The focus for these transition programs – one lesson per week after school over six weeks of Term 3 – is to support our prospective Year 7 students to meet other students who will be enrolled the following year, connect and collaborate as a group and, more importantly, begin learning the fundamental skills they will develop as these courses continue throughout their Junior Secondary years.

To register for the test or for further details, please contact our Enrolment Office at


To be considered for enrolment at Indooroopilly State High School and our Programs of Excellence, please download and complete our Enrolment Pack (PDF, 3.2MB). Submit the completed pack, including all supporting documents, as outlined on the enrolment checklist at the front of the pack.

​Download: 2025 Programs of Excellence Entry Requirements (PDF, 139KB)​​​

Past students say …

The Maths and Engineering Acceleration Program introduced me to so many diverse and interesting parts of Mathematics. It showed me that Maths and Engineering isn’t just about solving equations, it’s about developing problem-solving and analytical skills. Thanks to the Engineering part of the program, I was able to learn how simple engineering principles work, and it allowed me to step back and say I want to continue doing this after school. Since graduating from high school, I have gone on to study Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at The University of Queensland. My experience from Maths and Engineering Acceleration has greatly helped in my understanding of how principles are derived.

Brendon Duncan, Maths & Engineering Acceleration Student 2017

From a young age, I have loved doing Maths for fun. Learning that Indooroopilly State High School had a specific Maths and Engineering program was exciting as I could participate more in a subject that I loved. The support of Ms Milford, my teacher for all four years, was amazing. She was always willing to give her time and expertise to help us grow as students. The close-knit group that our class became was a very welcoming environment. We all had such an appreciation for the subject and, as a result, worked together to help each other learn, which was an experience that I found was unique to this program. I regard this program highly and would definitely recommend it to anyone with a passion for Mathematics.

Sarah Lockwood, Maths & Engineering Acceleration Student 2017

Last reviewed 06 September 2023
Last updated 06 September 2023